Brandon’s Story

Brandon is a young man with Autism, who after completing school began looking for employment opportunities.

After being unable to find a job that could accommodate his special needs, with the help of his mum Simone, started a small paper shredding business called Brandon’s Shredding Boxes.

We offer small sized bins (he calls boxes) to homes and local businesses in the area. The boxes are used for discarded office paper that had previously gone into their regular bins and was not recycled. Many of these businesses did not have a recycling programme or alternatively those that did shred their own documents found it very time consuming.

So we discovered a perfect match between what Brandon was capable of doing, and local homes and businesses that wanted to participate in recycling. Local businesses also had an opportunity to support a person living with a disability and in turn support the Community.

Brandon has over 150 customers and his story has become an inspiration to many people. Brandon is proof that an  individual who is living with a disability can still manage to contribute to society and give back to the Community in a positive way.

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