Brandon is a young man with Autism, who after completing school began looking for employment opportunities.

After being unable to find a job that could accommodate his special needs, with the help of his mum Simone, started a small paper shredding business called Brandon’s Shredding Boxes.

We offer small sized bins (he calls boxes) to homes and local businesses in the area. The boxes are used for discarded office paper that had previously gone into their regular bins and was not recycled. Many of these businesses did not have a recycling programme or alternatively those that did shred their own documents found it very time consuming.

BSB Services

Paper Shredding

Paper is put into one of our BSB Boxes and collected each month to be shredded and recycled. A Door to Door Box Swapping Service. BSB comes to you each month to collect your filled Box and replace it with an empty one. You are only invoiced when a swap is made.

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Paper Recycling

From the paper we shred, we recycle it to make various paper mache creations. All items are for sale and can be purchased from Brandon’s Shredding Bunker. Bags of Shredding Paper for Sale $5 a bag.

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Our Vision Statement

An Enterprise which provides opportunities for people living with a disability to lead independent lives and inspire others.

Brandon’s Shredding Bunker

A Meeting Place, a Creating Space and our Shredding Base. A space where we can continue providing our Shredding Service. A space where we can use our shredded paper to create Paper Mache Creations. A space to provide Support to the Disability Community.

Awards and Recognition

Winner of AMP’s Tomorrow Fund 2019

The West Australian October 25th 2017

Cockburn Gazette
October 31st 2019

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